#BeyondTheEdge #AsusIndia ASUS VivoBook S The dream come true for me

Asus vivobook s will surely change my life by a great extent as i am a youtuber and as everybody knows that you can not stop your channel even when you are on the go and if i will get this laptop then it will change my life as  -

Its great battery life will support me when i am doing heavy workloads and consuming lot of internet traffic and its fast charging technology(60% in 49min) will; help me get enough juice for rest of my work

I travel a lot in my own city and then also i cant stop doing my work and carrying a heavy machine in a backpack is not a very good choice and so this laptop weighing only 1.7 kg will be a shoulder saver for me as i don't want 120 degree angle in my shoulders in this age

 Fingerprint sensor in this laptop will save me a lot of time and will keep me away from frustration as even when i go somewhere for a least amount of time i will put it to sleep to protect my video editing timeline from getting scratched by somebody moving the track pad or when i go f…

Make professional intros in best possible way

Renderforest is a free online video production platform which allows individuals and businesses to create broadcast quality videos including wedding, family and traveling photo slideshows, explainer and promotional videos, logo animations, kinetic typography and much more. A picture says a thousand words! And when music and words accompany the pictures, they can convey almost anything. Yes, we are talking about video making here. Videos are immensely powerful tools to convey a message, propagate an idea or just to express your feelings. 
However, limited technical knowledge is the greatest hindrance for making a professional quality video at home. If you are facing the same problem, then you have come to the right place. Today, we are reviewing Renderforest, a smart video maker that lets you create the professional quality video with no IT help at all. 

The software offers you free video production services online. The free tools let you create professional quality presentations, intros…

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