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#BeyondTheEdge #AsusIndia ASUS VivoBook S The dream come true for me

Asus vivobook s will surely change my life by a great extent as i am a youtuber and as everybody knows that you can not stop your channel even when you are on the go and if i will get this laptop then it will change my life as  -

Its great battery life will support me when i am doing heavy workloads and consuming lot of internet traffic and its fast charging technology(60% in 49min) will; help me get enough juice for rest of my work

I travel a lot in my own city and then also i cant stop doing my work and carrying a heavy machine in a backpack is not a very good choice and so this laptop weighing only 1.7 kg will be a shoulder saver for me as i don't want 120 degree angle in my shoulders in this age

 Fingerprint sensor in this laptop will save me a lot of time and will keep me away from frustration as even when i go somewhere for a least amount of time i will put it to sleep to protect my video editing timeline from getting scratched by somebody moving the track pad or when i go f…